No Skating, Just Skiing and Other Snow Sports

It has been snowing. Some people got out on the last day of good ice, skating around the snow patches and some, perhaps, braver people were out XC skiing on the snow patches between the ice. Fun was had by all. However, the snow came and we now have a white surface on the lake. The first snow on the great ice was about 4 inches and since then there have been two storms that have dropped a couple of inches. It has been cold and the temperatures are not supposed to go above freezing for the next week and have been below freezing for a few days. It is winter. This morning, a -5 degree temperature was recorded at the lake.

The picture, below, shows Mt. Chocorua over Brummet Island. The rocks point to the east and have been put there by the moving ice in the spring.

Little Bass Island is surrounded by snow and this picture is looking toward the Sisters and Square Hill.

On the streams that enter the lake, various animals are going up and down them. The tracks are probably otters who are going up and down the stream, finding holes in the ice and catching the fish that are trapped in pools under the ice. A few places show where they have been running and then sliding along the snow as they play in their winter wonderland.

The picture below shows the footprints that were seen on the lake near a swamp. An XC ski is there to show the size and the prints may be a fox out for a stroll or trot on the lake.

The ice on the lake was well frozen except for the “usual places” so being out on the lake is pretty safe. If the snow cover looks gray, water is probably coming up through cracks and avoid these areas. You might fall through but the gray may be just associated with slush. It will freeze to your skis or snowshoes or boots. Just not very nice…..

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