Snow on the Lake, No Skating but People Having Fun – Also a drone video

Snow came to the lake, about 5 inches of it. Snowmobiles are happy and people are out in 4 wheelers because the snow isn’t too deep. People are XC skiing as well. The ice is thick and, now with a white surface, the sun won’t do as much melting as it would have with no snow. Ice out won’t be soon but the ice out contest will be up and running soon.

One great XC ski adventure is into the Heath. It isn’t always possible because of too much snow to break trail or with ice conditions that are not great. Swamps often don’t freeze solidly, especially along the edges, as fast as other shallow water places so falling into the water is possible. It isn’t life threatening but it is not nice to get wet, cold feet. However, now, the snow conditions are perfect. It is possible to go from the lake to Pleasant Valley Rd, cross the road and continue up the swamp. It is a great ski if you can get the time…..

You are in a swamp so there are bushes and grasses along the way but the channel generally makes it so that it is easy skiing.

At one point at the SE end of the swamp, there was lots of activity with coyotes having a meeting. Their tracks were many and in two places it seemed that one lay down or sat down. Lots of other tracks were visible in the snow as well.

One skier added some snow art work to the swamp. Such art is not “bio-degradable”, it is sun and warmth degradable so it is not a problem for the environment.

In some areas the swamp opens up and this happens as you get closer to the lake.

Eventually, you get to a point where snowmobiles have been active and in this photo, there is a spot in the middle of the frame where a snowmobile broke through the ice. It may not have been a problem if they were going fast enough but it probably got their attention.

The picture below looks back up the Heath and Copplecrown is the mountain in the distance.

Coming out onto the lake, lots of people were ice fishing. Some had grills for cooking things and there did seem to be beer present. One group has a very classy bob house but the day was warm and everyone was outside of it enjoying the day.

Below is a link to a drone video that is along the Albee Beach that area with a view of the town of Wolfeboro. It then goes out to the Sister Islands. Part of the video shows the ice ridge between Sister and Hersey Point and then a return to Albee Beach. This was taken before the snow when the skating was great.


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