Ice Still Around and Will Be For At Least a Week or More – video link attached

Ice is still around. Out on the lake, at least of foot of it remains even though it has been warm and sunny. It is supposed to cool off in a day or so and this will slow the melting process. Cate Island is free of ice at this time and there is open water over to the Stamp Act. A video shows the conditions on the 23rd of April. Things are happening but a lot more needs to happen before you can boat around the lake. At the bottom of the page is a link to a drone video of some of the islands on the 22nd or 23rd.

Below is a picture of the SE end of Stamp Act and Cate Island with Brummitt in the distance. The ice looks mottled because there were differing amounts of snow in different places. The white line going from Cate to the right is the remains of the ice ridge that was prominent early in the season.

Below is Brummitt Island. The open water on the right side, the east side sort of look like water wings. They were caused because of the strong winds that blew. At the head of the island, there was a bit of open water and the winds blew the water along the side of the island, melting it on the way. Then, with the warm days, larger areas melted.

Looking to the Sisters and Stamp Act, again, the white line is associated with an old pressure ridge.

The Sister Islands still have a lot of ice around them.

A week ago, it was possible to go between Loon and Stamp Act but now it would be questionable. Swimming in 32 degree water might ruin your day.

This is a picture of Point of Pines beach on the 16th of March.

This is the same view on the 23rd.

There are some swimmers out in the open water. Have their duck down coats on and look quite excited to be back.

Below is the link to the drone video. It might be edited better but you may still enjoy it.


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