Ice Out Is Getting Closer

The ice is changing on the lake. Rain and wind on Thursday night into Friday caused big changes. The rain will melt ice and also cause water to flow down into cracks which makes them bigger. The winds and those associated with thunder storms on Friday afternoon continued to erode the ice. The winds break up ice and also move water around. If water moves away from a shore, other water has to replace it and it comes from water that is deeper in the lake so it is 40 degrees or warmer. The pictures below are from Friday and Saturday and are courtesy of our ICE out committee. (ICE stands for the International Committee on Exactness which is the group that gives the ice out time and date.)

Looking out from Heath Shore, there is not much open water along the shore because it faces north but open water is seen toward Stamp Act Island.

Looking out from the NW shore, there is lots of open water along the shore. Strong winds and more rain will make quite a difference.

Below is a picture taken right after the thunderstorm blew through on Friday.

Next is a picture taken from Point of Pines looking toward Brummitt Island with lots of open water and large chunks of ice floating. Winds will really cause these to move and they are forecast for this afternoon, the 28th of March.

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