Ice Declared Out at 7:00 AM April 1st

ICE (International Committee for Exactness) has been burning up the internet with reports and discussions. Warren Sands was the “problem” and took a long time to melt all the ice. What had happened was that lots of ice had blown that way as it was breaking up in other places. A kayak did break through the ice into open water yesterday but most reasonable boaters would not have launched their boats. Seems like April Fools Day is the day. Bobbi Boudman was the “watcher” at Warren Sands and made multiple trips to the shore. The winner of this year’s Ice Out guessing competition is Joe McEachern, with his guess of 4/1/2021 at 10am. Congrats Joe. Bragging rights are all yours for the year. Please come by the office sometime this year to claim your prize (a WWA vizor or coffee mug). Kuddos to Lee Arnold and Peter Galanis, who sandwiched Joe’s guess. Thanks to everyone for their guesses.  Better luck next year.

Above is a picture of Warren Sands with no ice on April 1st!

The history of the process is given below but it is quite amazing that someone was skating on the lake 10 days ago and now there is no ice. One of the fastest break-ups in history going from a foot of ice to nothing in 10 day!

The ice out committee was busy sending in observations of open water starting on Monday., March 29th.  Many lake front residents on Wentworth woke up to the sound of waves. Pictures have come in from several shores. Many of them are free of ice! On Tuesday, it is a tale of East vs. West. The last two pictures are from Tuesday the 30th. One other thing, the previous post said the ice would be around for quite a while. On March 22nd, I skated to Mink Island and the ice was great between Point of Pines and Sunset Point. That afternoon, it was mush and a lot has changed since then.

A recent photo from the afternoon of the 31st shows ice at Warren Sands. A kayak was taken off the beach and got to open water but lots and lots of ice cubes had to be pushed aside.

All shores were free of ice except for Warren Sands. You know ice out is near when loons return and call. They were heard around the lake this week. Below is a picture of what is there now.

Two pictures, below, were taken on the 30th. Previous pictures are below them.

The first picture is of Point of Pines and you could get a boat out. The second is of Warren Sands and you would need an ice breaker.

No ice on the shore by Wentworth Estates.

Looking out from Heath Shore

Looking out from Kenny Shore, still some floating ice, the shore is clear on and off as the wind blows the remaining ice should break up.

Oh, but there is a lot of ice on Warren Sands! Ice needs to be free of all shores before it is declared “out”.

On Tuesday morning, the photo by Bobbie Boudman shows a lot of ice by Warren Sands.

But a photo from Kenney Shore by Kathy Kiely shows the lake calm, ice free with feathered people swimming. (Most likely, humans won’t be in the water for a month or so.)


  1. Great effort to keep us all informed! Photos were wonderful also. This seems to be one of the fastest ice outs ever!! Lake time on water has begun!

  2. The day was right but at 7 am, I had a huge iceberg, obstructing the entire section of our shore from near Turtle Island to the rock called Governors Landing on the old maps. It finally went out, by about 10 am.

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