Things Are Changing Toward Summer

Temperatures have warmed and there are more boats on the lake. Some are fishermen so they are not bathing on the beaches but there are now some boats that show up on the Stamp Act sandbar. The weather has been sort of interesting as it has been hot and calm but now a cold front went through with some strong winds and now there is a north wind. But, a few days from now, it is supposed to be back in the 80s. The Memorial Day weekend looks cooler but nice.

Birds are starting to take over the place. While they often migrate early, a white throated sparrow is happy to be back. They show up at bird feeders earlier but now are “in the wild” so they are not relying on bird seed to stay happy.

The weather has been wonderful and the clouds have been spectacular. These puffy cumulus clouds often showed up in lines but sometimes were random. In the center of the picture, there is a dying thunderhead with a cloud top that probably goes p to 40000 ft.

Wild azalea is now blooming on the shores. It is a wonderful color to see against the light greens of the new leaves.

Leaves are still not in their summer dark green and this point shows all different shades as well as some azaleas.

Birds are nesting and this mallard was sitting on eggs 100 ft from shore. Her coloration made her hard to see but she was near where people walked so she ultimately was seen. We have to be careful of the nesting birds during this season. The North Beach on Stamp Act is closed for this reason but birds, all along all shores, are nesting. We have to be careful.

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