Wind and Rain, Then More Rain and Cold But There Is Hope

Last Wednesday, it was a very pleasant morning but they advertised storms in the afternoon. It was a very pleasant day but then the radar didn’t look good with a band of storms headed our way. Looked sort of nasty and it got dark around 6:00 PM. At 7:00 the wind and rain came down the lake, probably 40 or 50 mph gusts and some trees toppled. Kingswood Golf course had 5 or 6 big pines uprooted. About half an inch of rain fell in about 20 minutes. That storm ushered in colder air and the temperatures dropped to the low 40s and stayed there through Sunday, moderating on Monday. Yes, sometimes there was cold rain added to the mix. Memorial Day weekend was not a time to be on the lake as it was cold and at times rainy. The first day of June has brought warming and next weekend may hit 90. If you don’t like the weather, just wait….

Storms coming down the lake are often quite spectacular and this one was not exception.


Before the storm, the clouds looked like fair weather ones.

The loons didn’t seem to care and were calling after the storm.

As things have cleared and the sun has came out, birds are now back to doing their normal bird things. This goldfinch was singing loudly.

The yellow warblers were singing their song which goes: “sweet, sweet, sweeter than sweet”.

A few cormorants are back at the lake and they tend to hang out on Governor’s Rock. Not much of the rock is showing as the water level is quite high.

One bird that I have been hearing quite a bit is this warbling vireo. It has a long melodious song but likes to hide in the green leaves, high up in the trees.


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