The Lake in the Season of Pine Pollen with Video

It has been Pine Pollen season at the lake and sometimes it collects in big patches. Some people look at it and think it is ugly but it really is just part of nature. On the 12th of June, the pollen had been pushed by slight breezes into an area to the east of Stamp Act and the patterns were quite amazing. The “thick area” would probably have covered a football field or two but there were many other larger areas with more diffuse pollen. A motor boat went through some of the thick pollen and mixed it with the water so it disappeared. A wind came up an hour later and did the same thing. At the bottom of this page, there is a link to a video of going through the pollen. Take a look.


This is definitely an inefficient way to procreate …….

But there are birds around and a song sparrow is often heard along the edges of the lake. It has a very clear voice and says something like: “Quick quick Madge, bring me the rain check quick”

Loons are around and some are nesting and others are, perhaps, thinking of it. Please say half a football field away from any loons with chicks, or any ducks with babies, as being closer stresses them. You probably CAN’T get a good picture of them with your cell phone unless it has a telephoto lens.

Some days have been delightful and others have been a bit cold and rainy. The rain tends to come as a drizzle for a lot of the day or spotty showers that still allows lake time. Then, there are times when a front moves through, the wind comes up and it rains hard for 5 or 10 minutes and is gone. None of this has provided much more than an inch of rain over the last few weeks.

And finally, it is always nice to see a pair of eagles but in this case, perhaps not. It means that we have another year without eaglets. The Audubon biologist said he doesn’t have a reason for no babies. Perhaps, we need some mood music for them next breeding season.

Oh, and it seems to be a year with lots of chipmunks. This is a picture of one that isn’t full grown but it is cute.


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