2022 Ben Baldwin Fishy Derby – Results

The Ben Baldwin Fishing Derby, which took place on July 2nd, had a great turnout this year despite some high winds and bit of rain. The Wentworth Watershed Association holds the derby in memory of Ben Baldwin who lived on Lake Wentworth and loved fishing.

The morning started off rainy and cloudy and gave way to sun and the high winds that made it a bit challenging for some to reel in the big one. Several people coming into the dock expressed that the fish were not biting as they normally do. The hosts of the derby, the Baldwin family, enjoyed each and every crew of fishers who pulled into their dock on Cate Island to have their fish measured and entered into the competition for longest fish. There were lots of young proud faces, and a showing of many of the different species of fish that live in Lake Wentworth. Kate Baldwin said “There were lots of smiles and repeat families. Seeing the kids grow from year to year and continue to fish makes special new memories for our family. Rich and I feel it is a great way to honor Ben’s love for the lake and fishing with his buddies and family. Rich went out with friend Steve Bibeau and nephew Henry O’Blenes and Rich and Steve reeled in two beautiful big fish almost simultaneously! I told them, “Ben was definitely with you, and I bet he was yelling out ‘That’s Walter! Daddy and Steve caught WALTER!’ “.

A water bottle filling station and snacks of goldfish and pretzel rods (fish n’ rods) were available for participants who made the trip out to the island. Several participants opted to submit their entries through Facebook this year because of the high winds.

The Baldwin family looks forward to this event every year and would like to thank everyone who participated, volunteered, and showed their support and love for fishing. It is truly a family run event- Stephanie was the photographer, Jenny wrote down all the entries and fish data, Lilly, Wade, and Kate helped to dock boats as they came in, handle and measure the fish. 

We hope that anyone who did not reel in the big one or one at all will keep catch and release fishing. We hope to see your entries next year.

The 2022 Conscientious Fisher Award goes to 13-year-old Jake Hyde. Nice job with your 2 small mouth bass, good work being prepared and showing us how to safely handle your fish! Jake won a $50 gift card to Cabela’s for demonstrating the best fishing ethics and boating safety at the weigh in dock.

The Biggest Fish Award goes to 14-year-old Zion. Nice job reeling in that monster, a 22″ Pickerel! Zion is also being awarded a $50 gift card to Cabela’s this year for his winning fish!

The Wentworth Watershed Association is giving a third award of a $50 gift card to Cabela’s to Jenny Baldwin for her dedication to the derby and years of service as a volunteer, forgoing her opportunity to fish all day and catch a big one. Jenny is an avid fisher and honors her brother’s dream of being a fish and game officer by promoting the importance of good fishing ethics. Congratulations to Jenny.

All participants who entered the derby in person received a participation ribbon. Medals, trophies and gift certificates will be given out to longest fish of each species at the Wentworth Watershed Association’s Annual Meeting on August 6th at 9:00am in the Great Hall at the Town Hall.

Lucas Heimiller6Blue Gill5 1/5″
Oliver Heimiller6Blue Gill5 3/4″
Karen Ouhrabka18+Pumpkinseed4 7/8″
Dan Gettens18+Small Mouth Bass15″
Steve Bibeau18+Large Mouth Bass17 1/2″
Richard Baldwin18+Small Mouth Bass15 1/4″
Haley Stansfield8Small Mouth Bass16″
Jake Hyde13Small Mouth Bass15 1/4″
Emmett Battles5Pumpkinseed7 1/8″
Jenny Baldwin15Pumpkinseed6 3/4″
Zion Aboudine14Pickerel22″
Ben Ferguson16Small Mouth Bass15 3/4″
Asher Sauder13Small Mouth Bass14 1/2″
Andy O’Blenes18+Small Mouth Bass13″
Charlie Chick12Black Crappie12 1/2″
Kazmira Daoust18+Blue Gill6 7/8″
Bobby O’Blenes18+Rock Bass9″
Henry O’Blenes9Pumpkinseed, Blue Gill3 1/2″, 5 1/4″
Wade Brown14Small Mouth Bass6″
Mitchell Henderlong18+Large Mouth Bass21″
Madeline Masse5Blue Gill8 1/2″
Jack Willard17Small Mouth Bass, Blue Gill, White Perch6″, 10 1/2″, 13″
Whitt Peirce11Pumpkinseed6″
Camden DeAngelis15White Perch12″
Lilly Jones13Small Mouth Bass17″
Hailey Marie Ciesluk10Small Mouth Bass13 1/4″

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