2022 Boat Parade Winner Named

On July 3rd, Tom Ouhrabka led members and visitors from both lakes in a parade around Lake Wentworth to celebrate US Independence Day. Parade participants came from both lakes, and met up in front of Camp Bernadette where they showed off their boats that were decked out from prow to stern. Most boats were decorated in the traditional red, white, and blue, but each craft had it’s own flare.

After sharing greetings on rough waters and admiring each other’s patriotic handy work, the parade set off around the lake to share the celebration with shoreline observers. The parade did not pass every shore because of windy conditions, Tom sends his apologies to Point Breeze for the distant pass.

Thanks to volunteers and participants who helped make the 2022 a fun family event on Lake Wentworth. Floats entered a best in show competition by submitting float names and photos on Facebook where viewers could favorite the entries. It was a tight battle for first place, but a victor must be named.

The winner of 2022 Boat Parade was ‘Peace Bus Pepin’. Way to take the gold Pepin Family! Bragging rights are yours for the year. (But hippies don’t brag they just chill right?)

Last year’s champions and seaplane owners, the Hylburgs, took the silver with their appropriately themed ‘Uncle Sam’s Lake Wentworth Seaplane Tours’.

‘Have a Jurassic Fourth’ by the Willard’s earned the bronze with their creative dino themed float.

We hope everyone had a blast! Thanks for showing your love of the lakes and celebrating our nation’s independence with us.

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